5 Best Places to visit in Singapore | Long weekend Holiday

5 Best Places to visit in Singapore

5 Best Places to visit in Singapore

5 Best Places to visit in Singapore: Singapore-often referred to as “The Garden City” is a small city-state in Southeast Asia located just a degree above the equator at the southern tip of peninsular Malaysia. Despite being a very small state, Singapore had a rapid economic growth after its independence in August 1965 and became the most advanced global commerce, finance, and transport hub.

There are eight airports in the country out of which‘Singapore Changi Airport’ which connects Singapore with hundreds of cities worldwide is ranked as the world’s best InternationalAirport.It also has the world’s busiest port which has contributed immensely to the growth of tourism in Singapore.The local transport connectivity in Singapore is so efficient that the visitors can very conveniently travel to various places without any hassle.

Singapore is the perfect destination for a vacation with numerous places to visit and hence narrowing down the few ones is a very complicated task. So, Here we have come up with recommendations on  5 best places to visit in Singapore.

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Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is the most opulent “integrated resort” in Singapore overlooking the Marina Bay. It has three 55 story hotel towers connected by1-hectare roof terrace and sands Skypark.The  Skypark has the world’s longest elevated and infinity edged swimming pool, rooftop celebrity chef restaurants, nightclubs, and an observatory deck to provide the breathtaking view across the Singaporean skyline.

There is a huge casino block in the resort and a lotus shaped ArtScience Museum with retractable roof providing a waterfall through the roof when closed in the day and laser shows when opening in the night.

It is a perfect shopping location for the tourists who love to shop with the world’s top most and exorbitant brands.

The grandeur of Marina Bay sands coupled with the glitz of light and water shows is a delight to one’s eyes as well as the soul.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is the giant observation wheel with the height of 165 meters with 28 air conditioned capsules mounted on the rim of the structure to provide an unobstructed panoramic view to the visitors. Those 32 minutes ride on this giant wheel are a breathtaking experience which not only provides the 360-degree iconic view of the landmarks in Singapore but also the bird’s eye view of some of the islands in Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s simply impossible to hold back the instant urge to pick up your camera and take photos of the picturesque view around you.

Gardens By the Bay

Garden by the Bay is the perfect retreat for those visitors who like to relish the soothing caress of fresh air amidst the greenery away from the hustle bustle of the city.

It has three large water-front gardens to enhance the greenery and flora in the city and two cooled conservatories –The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

The Cloud Forest features a very intricate structure known as ‘Cloud Mountain which can be accessed by an elevator and can be descended via a circular path where a 115 ft waterfall provides the visitors with cool soothing air.

While at this garden, one should definitely not miss the miraculous‘Supertree Groves’whicharetree like structures fitted to imitate the real ecological functions of trees.The aerial view of these structures from the walkways built on those 50m high Supertree Groves along with the delicious food and drinks served from the outlets on those walkways is really amazing.The light and music in the night put life into these structures.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa is a popular Island resort in Singapore hit by millions of tourists every year.This property includes hotels, restaurants, a casino, a theme park and a sea beach making it a delightfully fun place for visitors of all age. It offers the assorted activities to every visitor- for the ones who would just like to relax and enjoy the moment of tranquility can head towards the sea beach whereas the more adventurous ones can hit up ‘iFlySingapore’which is the world’s largest themed vertical wind tunnel. Visitors looking forward to family amusements can head to Universal Studio, AdventureCove water park, S.E.A Aquarium or Madam Tussauds.

When in Sentosa, one should not miss visiting “Sentosa Merlion” which is a gigantic 37-meter tall mythical creature with the lion’s head and the body of a fish.It is widely used as the mascot and national personification of Singapore.Clarke’s Quay

Once the commercial center of Singapore, Clarke’s Quay today is the hub of Singaporean night clubs. After a long day of sightseeing and shopping, the exhausted visitors can enjoy the dazzling nightlife in the floating restaurants and pubs at Clarke’s Quay.

Singapore is a very enchanting country with a vibrant culture. With the combination of Asian and European, it is said to be the country where “East meets West”. Not only can one stroll around the China town and indulge in authentic Chinese food but also visit places like “Little India and Arab Street “ and satiate oneself with the rich traditions, heavenly food, and music.It is one of the cleanliest and most vivacious countries in the world which one should not miss visiting at least once in their lifetime.

Bright Facts about Mahabaleshwar | Long weekend Holiday

Bright Facts about Mahabaleshwar

Bright Facts about Mahabaleshwar

Bright Facts about Mahabaleshwar: How would you describe a place that is green and grassy throughout the year? Heaven, isn’t it? Mahabaleshwar is one such destination that offers the heavenly feel right amidst the Western Ghats. The Satara District in Maharashtra is home to this beautiful hill station that once helped the British with an escape from harsh summers. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is a great respite from the maddening city life and traffic.

Accessible easily by drive from major cities such as Mumbai and Pune, Mahabaleshwar is bliss if visited for a holiday. Cheap Mahabaleshwar tour packages can be booked to relish the beauty of this natural wonder at its best.

It is also good to know about some interesting facts about Mahabaleshwar that will convince you to book Mahabaleshwar tour packages today.

Below are some Bright Facts about Mahabaleshwar:

  • The present town of Mahabaleshwar was once known as Malcolm Peth for it was under the Britishers for a significantly long era post-1819. The Old Mahabaleshwar town was built by King Singhan who was also the founder of Mahabaleshwar temple. Later developments, however, were brought in by Shivaji Maharaj who is known to have built the Pratapgad fort.
  • A great flora and fauna variety abounds the Mahabaleshwar forests. A large variety of Ayurvedic plants with great therapeutic value along with diverse varieties of animals including Bisons, foxes, deers, and Bulbul are found here. The place offers great rejuvenations from the grind of cities owing to the flawlessly pure atmosphere that also works wonders for the health recovery of ailing patients. Many patients come to Mahabaleshwar every year to accelerate their recovery.
  • Chinese and Malay criminals for over 30 years in 1800 were imprisoned in Mahabaleshwar. The now popular strawberries that define Mahabaleshwar were also cultivated first by those prisoners who also took up weaving of bamboo containers and cultivation of red potatoes. It is a delightful experience for tourists to go to Mahabaleshwar and taste strawberry and mulberry items there.
  • Mahabaleshwar holds religious significance and it known to bear a connection with epics. The name is derived from the Sanskrit language and means Lord Shiva who is the god of superior strength. It is the place of origin of 4 rivers/tributaries viz. Vienna, Gayatri, Koyna, and Krishna.
  • One can attain bliss for the soul at the Wilson Point that is the most beautiful point here. It showcases both nightfall and morning and also offers a spectacular view of Mahabaleshwar in all directions. You can relish the mesmerizing skyline with its amazing views from the Connaught Peak
  • Mahabaleshwar isn’t very densely populated and has a high literacy rate of its inhabitants.
  • The Pratapgad fort holds a significant spot in the history of India for it bears testimony to the defeat and slaughter of Afzal Khan the Commander of Bijapur at the hands of Shivaji.
  • One can satiate their religious appetite by visiting numerous temples in Mahabaleshwar. The temples are full of ancient artifacts. The Mahabaleshwar temple in old town is the best amongst them all and will leave you spellbound. One of the ancient and magnificent temples is Panchganga temple that is about 4500 years old.
  • The man made lake called the Venna lake that was built in 1942 is also a fascinating place to visit on your trip here.
  • A lovely scenery that also fulfills religious appetite lies in a little trail at the rear end of the Panchganga temple. It goes up to the Krishnabai temple and is a place of worship. The temple hosts a shivling and a beautiful idol of Lord Krishna and features magnificent stone carving in various sections and the roof. The best part is that it is almost untouched as it isn’t frequented by tourists.
  • The place is also a kaleidoscope of culture and traditions. Numerous events and celebrations help you appreciate the cultural significance of this beauty. Ganesh Chaturthi is a great celebration here and adds to it the fun and frolic of the strawberry festival in March to make for the perfect recipe of an enchanting destination.

While the web and journals are full of articles on the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar, it is worthwhile to know about its rich history and past and devour the stories behind each place before you visit it. Natural beauty is abundant here and so is cultural splendor. Book your Mahabaleshwar tour package from Delhi today and get ready to get immersed in great visual delights teamed with spectacular history. it enough in Bright Facts about Mahabaleshwar catch you in next blog

TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN BANGKOK | Long Weekend Holiday



TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN BANGKOK Bangkok, the capital of Thailand with the population over eleven million is the largest and most populous city with haphazard cityscape, chronic traffic congestion, intense heat and crowded streets. One is bound to think that this city is a perfect mismatch to a vision of a perfect holiday and yet Bangkok has been cited as the “World’s Best City “for four consecutive years by Travel + Leisure magazine. It is one of the world’s top tourist destinations with more than 21 million visitors visiting it each day. This is because Bangkok is a very vibrant and magnanimous city which never sleeps and has something to offer for everyone, from exquisite temples to lavishly ornate palaces and big shopping malls to bustling yet vivid street shops.

Bangkok is an elegant blend of historic significance and modernity where one can not only attain spirituality in the grandeur of its temples and palaces but also attain the blissful feeling of being on cloud nine with the exotic and liveliest nightlife.

Bangkok, being the hive of activity has lots to offer to its visitor but let us first explore the top 10 things to do in Bangkok. One can visit and explore the following places:


Wat Arun

Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of Dawn is an iconic temple on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, beautifully decorated with the colorful broken Chinese porcelain pieces. It was the tallest structure in Bangkok before the advent of modern skyscrapers but it still provides the breathtaking views to those who can climb to the top of the stairs. The temple looks most beautiful during the early hours of sunrise.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho is located opposite to Wat Arun on the other side of the river and can be reached by a shuttle boat. Popularly known as “The Temple of Reclining Buddha”, it is the largest and oldest temple in Thailand. Reclining Buddha-gold plated, 46m long and 15m height is awe inspiring and most beautiful sight for the visitors.

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is a most visited and remembered landmark of Thailand which every visitor must visit once in a lifetime.

It was the royal Thai residence constructed in 1782, surrounded by 1,900 meters long walls and comprised of majestic buildings, pavilions, and courtyards which served as the place of administration for 150 years until 1925.The place is still used for official events, several royal ceremonies and state functions every year. The magnificent and lofty architecture of this Palace still leaves the visitors mesmerized. While in Bangkok, a visit to this Palace is a must.

Chao Phraya River

This is the only river flowing through the heart of the city and along this river line, one gets to see mostly all the beautiful hotels, temples and bridges of Bangkok. So a glance to these places can be arranged by a day trip in the boat or a dinner cruise on the river.

Lumpini Park

Amidst the hustle bustle of the Bangkok city where people struggle every day with the traffic and chaos, Lumpini Park is the only park which provides the open green space with playgrounds and an artificial lake where visitors can rent boats and enjoy the serenity of water. The park being free from smoking provides freshness and tranquility to the visitors.

Khao San Road

Khao San is a short street in Bangkok which is famous as ‘the center of the backpacking universe’.It is the best hangout for the visitors who wonder what to do in Bangkok one evening.

The street is packed with countless budget hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, massage parlors, travel agents, bookshops, tattoo shops and much more and during evenings it is flooded with music, food hawkers selling barbequed snacks and locals performing different shows.

Khao San is a very lively and colorful street with carefree visitors engrossed in partying and dancing away all the glooms of life.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

This market, also known as the JJ market is the largest market in Thailand which remains open only in the weekend i.e. Saturday and Sunday. This market is enormous with 8,000 stalls selling all variety of goods ranging from jewelry to clothes, furniture, home decor, books, food, and plants and so and that too in an affordable range.

This market is the abode of bliss for the visitors who love to do shopping.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Amongst all the market places, floating market of Bangkok provides the most unique and interesting experience. This floating market is located about 100 km southwest of Bangkok and consists of a maze of narrow tunnels which are navigated by small boats with the fresh fruits and colorful vegetables directly from the farm. One can find Thai traders in their traditional outfit and wide brimmed hats showcasing their local culture.

Sea life Bangkok Ocean World

It is an aquarium in Bangkok which was previously known as Siam Ocean World. This aquarium is the largest in South East Asia covering thousands of squares area with hundreds of different species of marine life like Giant spider crabs, octopuses, sharks, and penguins from all over the world.

The exciting ride on the glass bottom boat through the shark tank, the exhibits visit through an underwater glass tunnel and the 5D cinemas do not fail to bring about the burst of excitement to not only kids but the adults too.

Jim Thompson House (TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN BANGKOK)

This house was the elegant residence of the American entrepreneur Jim Thompson who started the business of Thai silk in Bangkok. Thompson’s beautiful house has now been turned into a museum showcasing his life and business and the history of the city and Thai silk Industry.

With a plethora of offerings that Bangkok has up for grabs, it is an ideal tourist destination that anyone would love to visit for a vacation. Its close proximity to other attractions such as Thailand and Koh Samui also makes it a great destination. Towards its north lies Chiang Mai amongst the highest mountains of the country. This is a great tourist destination that is sure to delight you.Book your Bangkok tour package from India today and get ready to witness a colorful world full of attractions that are sure to blow you off your feet. Chiang Mai tour packages can also be booked separately if you want to visit the uncommercialized side.

5 ideas for long weekend getaway in Paris | Long Weekend Holidays

long weekend getaway in Paris

5 ideas for long weekend getaway in Paris

Today we show you long weekend getaway in Paris, The monotony of everyday life and the daily rush from home to the workplace with no time for recreation leaves one craving for a holiday. A little break and most of us travel enthusiasts are busy curating lists and checking websites to decide on the ideal destination and plan the itinerary.

Long weekends getaway in Paris are often the most sought-after times of the year that offer an opportunity to steal some moments from the humdrum and get lost in a land of dreams.

Among all the options available, international holidays are also among the top choices of all travelers but while it isn’t possible to cover a lot of the world in 3 days, there are many destinations that can be targeted for a cozy getaway. Paris is one such destination that is on the list for many travelers and can also be enjoyed during a long weekend.

If this idea sounds just right to you, you can grab your credit card right now and book online tour packages to Paris.

The French capital city is a global hotspot in terms of art, history, and fashion and that makes it a delightful tourist destination for people of all ages.It has a distinct familiarity, as most of us are accustomed to witnessing the picturesque locations on the television and theatre screen owing to its wide popularity as a choice of movie location.What makes it more appealing is the unique blend of breathtaking architecture, fine cuisine, amazing ambiance and beautiful amalgamation of cultures.

If the very thought of the city of love and dreams makes you happy, book Paris tour packages from India right now.

Below are 5 top ideas to spend your long weekend in Paris

  • Architectural Sightseeing- When in Paris, what else can be more important than treating your eyes to the architectural marvels that are spread across the city. Below are some of the popularly mesmerizing ones that you simply can’t afford to miss:
  • The Eiffel Tower- One of the most prominent landmarks in the city Eiffel makes for a soulful visual delight for a couple, solo and group travelers alike.Designed and constructed in the year 1889, this was initially meant to be a temporary structure for experiments based on power transmissions. But it stood the test of time and bypassed two demolition plans. Tourists can climb to the first floor, or take an elevator to the top to get a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the city.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral- This iconic structure is located right along the picturesque RiverThe intricate French Gothic architecture is sure to make you fall in love with this place. The cathedral treasury houses several rare artifacts and relics.
  • The Louvre Museum-One may cruise through the museum and see several masterpieces dotted all over the place.One of the most common mistakes that people make in Louvre is that they try to see everything, which is impossible since the museum is massive. You may skip a few sections but make sure that you relish whatever you see for the sheer magnificence is sure to leave you to spell
  • Arc de Triomphe- It is one of the largest Archs of its kind. The construction of the Arch was ordered by Napolean during his era in the year 1806 in honor of his great Army. One can admire the exteriors and also make way to the top to have a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

2. Shopping- Paris is synonymous with high street fashion labels and designer Shop your way to glory through the streets of Paris. You can plan your visit during the sale season to get good discounts on items.You can also check out local attic sales for some unique items.

3. Food- Upscale and formal eating points are more popular among tourists, but you can also try the modern Bistros for a sumptuous evening meal. Try speaking to locals to try out the traditional delicacies available close by.You can also try the famous confectionery delights like croissants and delectable pastries.

4. Watch an Opera-The tradition of Opera in Paris goes back to the 17th century during the reign of King Louis XIV who founded the Paris opera. You can enjoy classic operas staged in fascinating historical places or sometimes held in open air.

5. Visit Disneyland Paris- Wrap up your travel itinerary with a fun filled visit to the Disneyland in Paris.Loved by children and adults alike this is one place you don’t want to miss.

Someone has rightly said that Paris isn’t only a city, it has a distinct seductive charm within itself which makes you fall in love with her again and again. No wonder it is known as the “City of Love and Romance” and also a preferred honeymoon destination. Come and take a walk through the streets of Paris and witness its beauty in every nook and corner. Book a Paris day tour today and make the best of the little time you have. it’s enough in this blog of a long weekend getaway in Paris we will catch you in a new blog