Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Paris

Paris, the French capital has received 16 million guests for the first part of the year 2017. Isn’t this phenomenal? Every year, the lovely country that is home to some beautiful structures of the world, welcomes and enjoys a host of visitors who come to see the exquisite city and the novelty well preserved here. Take a long tour holiday trip to this place to have the best time of your life. There are numerous amazing attractions that you can visit here to experience delight.

Below are the top 10 beautiful places to visit in Paris:

  • The Eiffel Tower

Despite the protests by artists, it stood tall and still continues to stand upright and inspire awe in viewers with its magnificence. And we would say, it deserves to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Take the stairs up or take the elevator, the view up there is not to be missed. The tower has some amazing restaurants for you to enjoy the food, drinks and a fantastic view.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral

The symbolic heart of the city, Notre Dame Cathedral is going to take you back to the fairy tales you read about. However, plan well in advance and arrive early if you don’t want to be standing in a long queue. The marvelous architecture will make you go gaga with praise even if you have never been a lover of Gothic architecture. Whatever be your duration of stay or mode of travel, this tops the destination options on all itineraries. Even cheapest Paris tour packages include it as a day visit.

  • CineAqua- Aquarium de Paris

Travelling with kids or no kids, this place is an eye candy and would fill your heart with joy. Though a little overpriced as some might feel, it surely deserves your glance and presence. The fishes, oh you would love them. Go, be a part of the fish world and experience aquatic life like never before.

  • Bateaux Parisiens River Cruise

The splendid views that one comes across while cruising on a boat, bring about unprecedented joy.  The spectacular sight of Paris you can have sitting on this boat is absolutely a thing you don’t want to miss while being in Paris. Even if you don’t plan to have lunch or dinner over here, you would still want to hold a glass of champagne and enjoy some cheese bites as you enjoy the lovely view of Paris.

  • The Paris Story

With excellent photography to narrate the story of the city, this place has it all explained so well for you. There might be places you did not have on your bucket list but this film would ensure you don’t miss out on anything in Paris. Your Paris long weekend holiday trip experience can be taken notches higher if you choose to visit this place.

  • Palace of Versailles

The national landmark is located in the city of Versailles.  It is impossible to visit all 700 rooms this palace is made up of. There is an option of skip the line ticket and it is wise to do if you’d like to make the best of the time spent in the palace. This spellbinding palace is located approximately 21KM away from Paris and you might want to arrange a tour guide to help you as they can offer you help in arranging the transport too.

  • La Conciergerie

Standing on the Isle de la Cite, a former royal palace, this is one of the finest buildings from the medieval era. You can see nearly 4000 names imprinted on the walls of one of the rooms. These people were tried by the Revolutionary Tribunal. There is a lot to learn about the French revolution in this building. You can make a choice from the best Paris weekend tour packages available if you don’t have a lot of time in hand.

  • Gourmet Chocolate Museum

Having a fun-filled day or even a dull one; this place will definitely be very close to your heart. You will develop a love for chocolates if you already are not a fan as soon as you visit this place. The flavors of chocolates available are loved by the kids and adults both. If you are really lucky, you can even attend a chocolate lesson that is organized sometimes at the museum. It indeed is heaven for chocolate lovers , so don’t miss some chocolate time out here.

  • Grevin Wax Museum

The place is about history and people and you would have to walk it around to get the best of the museum. A little expensive and you might feel it is crowded but it surely is an enjoyable place.

  • Louvre Museum

Incredible is the word that best describes this place. You would need to plan or book well in advance for an evening visit to the museum. The mummies, the great paintings, words don’t do justice to this place. Be rest assured, your eyes are going to love everything they see here.

We hope that your trip to Paris is an unforgettable one.

Your guide for an amazing honeymoon in Singapore

A country so clean, that you just can’t miss making it your ideal holiday destination. That’s how we define Singapore. The marvelous golden beaches, the abundance of water sports, the stunning parks, the unlimited options for luxurious cruises, Singapore has a lot more to offer while you enjoy the best time of your life. There are a lot of options to choose, from the cheapest Singapore Tour Package to a luxurious and adventurous package with a cruise on offer. Honeymoon is the time of your lives when you don’t want things to go wrong as you are building memories for your life. And Singapore has it all sorted for you, to spend the best days of your lives together right here. Since, you already had a lot to run after before and around your wedding, we thought of making your honeymoon experience a relaxed and enjoyable one.

Thus, we narrowed down the things to do and places to visit to add that extra vigour to an amazing honeymoon you wished for.

  • Changi point coastal walk

This place promises to be one of the most romantic places In Singapore. The magnificent sunset that you can witness here being surrounded by luscious green trees, it indeed is something that will look more beautiful while you have your partner by your side. Aren’t you dreaming already? In fact not just on a honeymoon, even if you plan to take a long weekend holiday trip to Singapore with your loved one, try not to miss this beauty. The evening sun won’t disappoint you at all.

  • Marina bay sands light and water show

It is a sight so striking and spectacular that it will blow you off your feet. The jaw-dropping light and water show this country has to offer is one of the finest ones in the world.  A partner for life and an experience so stunning, does this not make your honeymoon a little more special?

  • Yueh Hai Ching Temple

The Love Temple, yes you heard it right, that’s how the Yueh Hai Ching Temple is addressed. This temple has such serene and calm atmosphere that you will just love every second spent here with your beloved. Don’t forget to take some blessings while you visit the love temple.

  • The Sentosa Island

Want to give a sense of completion to your honeymoon trip? Don’t miss the gorgeous Sentosa Island. The bewitching sound of the waves while you are walking on the clean white beaches is surely an experience of a lifetime. Whether you opt for the best Singapore long weekend tour package or a longer one, you still would not want to miss this beautiful Island.

  • Little India

Most of us have heard about little India. It’s about time for you to visit this vibrant market enclave. From a variety of traditional snacks to some amazing jewelry, Little India is living it well. It feels like a stroll in some Indian street if you hit this market probably during Diwali or some other Hindu festival.

  • The Pistachio Grill

The saffron rice this restaurant serves is to die for. Not to forget the utterly delicious baklava with ice-cream. Your partner will be mesmerized by the taste and so will you. Share a bite and see love multiply. Though we assure you, you are going to order another one or come back soon to have some more.

  • The Ritz Carlton

Does it look overpriced, don’t worry, it’s worth every penny. Still don’t feel like burning a hole in your pocket by staying at this hotel? Never mind, just head to this amazing restaurant to grab a cup of coffee sitting at a table overlooking the wondrous Marina Bay. Doesn’t it sound romantic? This is a time of your life that you would not forget lifetime. Get soaked in some luxury, you deserve it.

  • Esplanade Roof Garden

Ever witnessed some amazing manicured lawns? Ever got a chance to watch a concert in a grand theatre? Don’t miss your chance this time. This place has a lot going on especially on Sundays. Think about looking at the harbor surrounded by beautiful trees and listening to an orchestra being played. Romance can’t get better than this.

Singapore has a lot more than you can cover in a short trip. However, if you are able to include these places as you plan your honeymoon, we assure you, you would not regret. So, plan in advance, make the best out of the trip. This country is an awesome host and you will not feel like an outsider when you reach there to enjoy your honeymoon. So, create a terrific travel itinerary and don’t miss out on the places we mentioned, or you can contact an experienced travel agent to do it for you. It indeed is the time of your life, so make the best out of it.

5 Reasons Why you must Choose Mahabaleshwar long Weekend Holiday

Located optimally within the few kilometers from the major places of India like Pune, Mumbai, and Goa, Mahabaleshwar is one of the most picturesque hill stations and a vast Plateau, nestled atop the Sahyadri mountain range in the Western Ghats of Satara district in Maharashtra.

Also known as  ‘The Queen of Hills’  Mahabaleshwar offers the panoramic view of the exquisite landscapes, stimulating waterfalls, revitalizing streams and luscious greenery making it a perfect place of retreat away from the hustle bustle of the city and its overtaxing stress.

The tranquility of the lofty mountains, the captivating scenery, the piety of River Krishna flowing through it and the pleasantness of the weather make Mahabaleshwar the most desirable and sought for hill station for the long weekend holidays.

Cited below are the top 5 reasons why Mahabaleshwar is chosen for the long weekend holiday.

  1. Peaceful Experience in Vienna Lake

A beautiful lake with sparkling blue water surrounded by lofty green trees, Vienna lake provides the most peaceful experience to the tourists visiting the spot. It offers an opportunity to escape from the cacophony of the cities and indulge in the soothing boat ride.The calm water, the occasional ripples in the otherwise serene lake, the birds flying overhead and the beautiful sunset in the evening offers the much-needed tranquility to the visitors.The tourists can also pamper themselves with the lip-smacking food from the different street food stalls lined along the banks of the lake.


  1. Awe-inspiring landscapes of Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is one of the fascinating hill stations which feature varied landscapes and mesmerizing elevated viewing points.One can start the day from Wilson point which is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar and provides the breathtaking view of the sunrise and the stunning panorama of the city.It is the only place in India where one can witness both the pink hue of sunrise and the glory of the sunset.The visitors can then move on to Arthur’s Seat to witness the mesmerizing view of Sahyadri mountains, Savitri rivers, and green valley.Just a walk of few minutes takes you to this place which is best of all points in the city.

The next not to be missed a place in Mahabaleshwar is the Lingmala waterfall.This cascading waterfall with the crystal clear waters is surrounded by stunning forests and provides a divine experience to the visitors.


  1. The blissful experience of Pilgrimage

Mahabaleshwar is a great retreat for devotees as it houses many pilgrimages and temples of great religious significance.

One such Pilgrimage is The Mahabaleshwar Temple which holds high importance among the Hindus as the Mahalingam of Lord Shiva appeared here in the shape of Rudraksha.The magnificent complex and the religious importance of the temple attract the devotees and visitors alike.The other not to be missed pilgrimage sites are Krishnabai Temple which is a stone built temple with small bathing pool and fountain in the animal head and Panch Ganga Temple which is the source of five rivers and provides the internal serenity to the visitors.


  1. The magnificence of historical hilltop forts.

Literally translated to ‘Valour Fort’, Pratapgarh is a marvelous fort built on the top of a hill surrounded by dense forest and lofty mountain ranges.This place is of extreme historical importance and the visitors visiting it are left awestruck with its architectural and scenic beauty.The fort is a charm for photographers who love to capture the magnificence of architecture and panoramic view of the coast.


  1. Heavenly experience in the delightful strawberry farms

Nothing can beat the heavenly experience of spending the weekend holiday amidst the boundless strawberry farms and plantations and picking and tasting those fresh strawberries.Mahabaleshwar is one such place which offers a delightful experience to the visitors. It is divine to spend a day with the friendly farm owners and walk through the plantation of all types of berries, handpick them and relish to the last bite.Before leaving Panchgani, one should definitely not miss the Mapro Garden which is a famous tourist attraction in the lap of nature.Surrounded by alluring greenery, the garden houses a chocolate factory, a small nursery, children’s play area, a restaurant and the outlets for Mapro Products.Indulge in the healthy and delicious food in the restaurant prepared using Mapro products and grab the opportunity to buy the farm fresh organic jams and syrups.

Mahabaleshwar is one of the few evergreen cities in India and located just a few hours away from the major cities.With the pleasant weather throughout the year, it is a perfect hill station to visit on a long weekend and relax with some fresh air and wonderful food.Plan a Mahabaleshwar long trip, chose the best tour package and head towards Mahabaleshwar away from the harsh heat of the buzzing city. Wake up early, enjoy the cool mist air and distant chirping of the birds, seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and admire the valor of the braves in the fort of the city. End the perfect weekend holiday in the strawberry farm with the fresh strawberry cream and best slush made there.