5 Most Useful Living Tips for Foreigners to Singapore

5 Most Useful Living Tips for Foreigners to Singapore

Tips for Foreigners to Singapore: Singapore is an exotic blend of Asian culture and modernization. It is a premium destination housing gleaming skyscrapers, Malay mosques, temples, and shopping malls. While large numbers of travelers plan to visit this place, a major population among them dreams of residing in this green, clean, and safe city.

Singapore was founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles as a trading post to the East Indian Company. It became an independent city in 1965 after separation from Malaysia. Over the years, it has grown as a multi-cultural, efficient, modern, and booming financial hub.

You can plan a long weekend holiday trip to Singapore to enjoy a great time with your family or friends. But if you are planning to settle down in the region, then here are the 5 tips that will be useful in this context.

Singapore as a Destination to the Expats

People from diverse cultural backgrounds come to live in Singapore. You can enjoy a great luxurious and diversified lifestyle in the region.

The majority of the immigrant masses belong to the Indian, Chinese, and Malay community. However, a large number of British have also started considering Singapore as an excellent place to live. Traces of Asian culture are conspicuous across the population.

It is an excellent location to raise a family that offers high-quality education, economical house help, and strong security. With the high standard of living in the city and availability of advanced healthcare facilities, one excellent aspect of Singapore is its low crime rate.

If you wish to live in this city, then all you need to do is abide by all the laws and you will never experience any problem.

Check for Singapore’s Cost of Living

The standard of living in Singapore is quite high and this comes at a fairly good price.

The cost of living in Singapore is one of the highest ones. Even the property prices are very high for both rental and purchasing. If you are an alcohol lover, then you have to pay quite a high rate for this as compared to numerous other nations.

Contrary to this, the groceries and food in Singapore are quite economical. There are numerous shopping malls, food courts and local hawkers offering food at really affordable prices. While owning a personal car is also quite expensive, you can lead a steady life in Singapore only by maintaining a proper balance between your basic and luxury expenditures.

Keep a Check of the Language

Singapore being the best long weekend holiday place in the world attracts numerous tourists apart from immigrants. But one important tip to remember while traveling to this place or planning to live in this place is its language.

The official language of this city if Mandarin Chinese, which is spoken by the Singaporean Government. However, the common language of Singapore is English, which is also the language to trade and business in the region.

A large number of Singaporeans speak the language that is known to be a mix of English with other languages. This is commonly known as Singlish. It is a difficult to understand language and can be spoken only by those who have experience in this. If you are well-versed in English language, then residing and working in Singapore will not be a big problem to you.

Climate and Population

If we take the most recent statistics of 2017, then the population of Singapore comprises 3.7 million Singaporeans, which is the 75% of total population. It is the permanent population of the region. The remaining 25% of the population constitutes of expats traveling to Singapore from different regions in the world.

Almost 1 million people in Singapore are moving to and forth the city. The total land area of Singapore is 704 square kilometers.

Singapore is located 137 miles from the north of the equator and witnesses humid and hot climate most of the time. The temperature mainly varies from 23 to 34 Degree Celsius, but the humidity may be high during summers.

Job Opportunities and Career Growth

The scenic beauty and magnetism of Singapore can be enjoyed with the best Singapore long weekend tour package, but if you plan to work there, then you must check for the various career growth opportunities.

Working in Singapore is easy and possible if you are highly educated and a proficient in your preferred subject. The competition in Singapore is fierce and hence finding a suitable job option is feasible only for those who are highly educated.

Also, if you have a strong network within the country, then it can help you get a well-paying job in Singapore.

Before you decide to live in Singapore, the best way is to book the cheapest Singapore tour package and then visit the place once. You will certainly love it. A long visit will help you to decide better if you want to live permanently or no. So, if you are looking towards living a luxurious lifestyle, plan a tour to Singapore right away!

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