Your guide for an amazing honeymoon in Singapore

A country so clean, that you just can’t miss making it your ideal holiday destination. That’s how we define Singapore. The marvelous golden beaches, the abundance of water sports, the stunning parks, the unlimited options for luxurious cruises, Singapore has a lot more to offer while you enjoy the best time of your life. There are a lot of options to choose, from the cheapest Singapore Tour Package to a luxurious and adventurous package with a cruise on offer. Honeymoon is the time of your lives when you don’t want things to go wrong as you are building memories for your life. And Singapore has it all sorted for you, to spend the best days of your lives together right here. Since, you already had a lot to run after before and around your wedding, we thought of making your honeymoon experience a relaxed and enjoyable one.

Thus, we narrowed down the things to do and places to visit to add that extra vigour to an amazing honeymoon you wished for.

  • Changi point coastal walk

This place promises to be one of the most romantic places In Singapore. The magnificent sunset that you can witness here being surrounded by luscious green trees, it indeed is something that will look more beautiful while you have your partner by your side. Aren’t you dreaming already? In fact not just on a honeymoon, even if you plan to take a long weekend holiday trip to Singapore with your loved one, try not to miss this beauty. The evening sun won’t disappoint you at all.

  • Marina bay sands light and water show

It is a sight so striking and spectacular that it will blow you off your feet. The jaw-dropping light and water show this country has to offer is one of the finest ones in the world.  A partner for life and an experience so stunning, does this not make your honeymoon a little more special?

  • Yueh Hai Ching Temple

The Love Temple, yes you heard it right, that’s how the Yueh Hai Ching Temple is addressed. This temple has such serene and calm atmosphere that you will just love every second spent here with your beloved. Don’t forget to take some blessings while you visit the love temple.

  • The Sentosa Island

Want to give a sense of completion to your honeymoon trip? Don’t miss the gorgeous Sentosa Island. The bewitching sound of the waves while you are walking on the clean white beaches is surely an experience of a lifetime. Whether you opt for the best Singapore long weekend tour package or a longer one, you still would not want to miss this beautiful Island.

  • Little India

Most of us have heard about little India. It’s about time for you to visit this vibrant market enclave. From a variety of traditional snacks to some amazing jewelry, Little India is living it well. It feels like a stroll in some Indian street if you hit this market probably during Diwali or some other Hindu festival.

  • The Pistachio Grill

The saffron rice this restaurant serves is to die for. Not to forget the utterly delicious baklava with ice-cream. Your partner will be mesmerized by the taste and so will you. Share a bite and see love multiply. Though we assure you, you are going to order another one or come back soon to have some more.

  • The Ritz Carlton

Does it look overpriced, don’t worry, it’s worth every penny. Still don’t feel like burning a hole in your pocket by staying at this hotel? Never mind, just head to this amazing restaurant to grab a cup of coffee sitting at a table overlooking the wondrous Marina Bay. Doesn’t it sound romantic? This is a time of your life that you would not forget lifetime. Get soaked in some luxury, you deserve it.

  • Esplanade Roof Garden

Ever witnessed some amazing manicured lawns? Ever got a chance to watch a concert in a grand theatre? Don’t miss your chance this time. This place has a lot going on especially on Sundays. Think about looking at the harbor surrounded by beautiful trees and listening to an orchestra being played. Romance can’t get better than this.

Singapore has a lot more than you can cover in a short trip. However, if you are able to include these places as you plan your honeymoon, we assure you, you would not regret. So, plan in advance, make the best out of the trip. This country is an awesome host and you will not feel like an outsider when you reach there to enjoy your honeymoon. So, create a terrific travel itinerary and don’t miss out on the places we mentioned, or you can contact an experienced travel agent to do it for you. It indeed is the time of your life, so make the best out of it.

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