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5 ideas for long weekend getaway in Paris

Today we show you long weekend getaway in Paris, The monotony of everyday life and the daily rush from home to the workplace with no time for recreation leaves one craving for a holiday. A little break and most of us travel enthusiasts are busy curating lists and checking websites to decide on the ideal destination and plan the itinerary.

Long weekends getaway in Paris are often the most sought-after times of the year that offer an opportunity to steal some moments from the humdrum and get lost in a land of dreams.

Among all the options available, international holidays are also among the top choices of all travelers but while it isn’t possible to cover a lot of the world in 3 days, there are many destinations that can be targeted for a cozy getaway. Paris is one such destination that is on the list for many travelers and can also be enjoyed during a long weekend.

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The French capital city is a global hotspot in terms of art, history, and fashion and that makes it a delightful tourist destination for people of all ages.It has a distinct familiarity, as most of us are accustomed to witnessing the picturesque locations on the television and theatre screen owing to its wide popularity as a choice of movie location.What makes it more appealing is the unique blend of breathtaking architecture, fine cuisine, amazing ambiance and beautiful amalgamation of cultures.

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Below are 5 top ideas to spend your long weekend in Paris

  • Architectural Sightseeing- When in Paris, what else can be more important than treating your eyes to the architectural marvels that are spread across the city. Below are some of the popularly mesmerizing ones that you simply can’t afford to miss:
  • The Eiffel Tower- One of the most prominent landmarks in the city Eiffel makes for a soulful visual delight for a couple, solo and group travelers alike.Designed and constructed in the year 1889, this was initially meant to be a temporary structure for experiments based on power transmissions. But it stood the test of time and bypassed two demolition plans. Tourists can climb to the first floor, or take an elevator to the top to get a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the city.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral- This iconic structure is located right along the picturesque RiverThe intricate French Gothic architecture is sure to make you fall in love with this place. The cathedral treasury houses several rare artifacts and relics.
  • The Louvre Museum-One may cruise through the museum and see several masterpieces dotted all over the place.One of the most common mistakes that people make in Louvre is that they try to see everything, which is impossible since the museum is massive. You may skip a few sections but make sure that you relish whatever you see for the sheer magnificence is sure to leave you to spell
  • Arc de Triomphe- It is one of the largest Archs of its kind. The construction of the Arch was ordered by Napolean during his era in the year 1806 in honor of his great Army. One can admire the exteriors and also make way to the top to have a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

2. Shopping- Paris is synonymous with high street fashion labels and designer Shop your way to glory through the streets of Paris. You can plan your visit during the sale season to get good discounts on items.You can also check out local attic sales for some unique items.

3. Food- Upscale and formal eating points are more popular among tourists, but you can also try the modern Bistros for a sumptuous evening meal. Try speaking to locals to try out the traditional delicacies available close by.You can also try the famous confectionery delights like croissants and delectable pastries.

4. Watch an Opera-The tradition of Opera in Paris goes back to the 17th century during the reign of King Louis XIV who founded the Paris opera. You can enjoy classic operas staged in fascinating historical places or sometimes held in open air.

5. Visit Disneyland Paris- Wrap up your travel itinerary with a fun filled visit to the Disneyland in Paris.Loved by children and adults alike this is one place you don’t want to miss.

Someone has rightly said that Paris isn’t only a city, it has a distinct seductive charm within itself which makes you fall in love with her again and again. No wonder it is known as the “City of Love and Romance” and also a preferred honeymoon destination. Come and take a walk through the streets of Paris and witness its beauty in every nook and corner. Book a Paris day tour today and make the best of the little time you have. it’s enough in this blog of a long weekend getaway in Paris we will catch you in a new blog






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